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just became FB friends with Heather Lang, whose bio says that from 2008 2010 she was a psychiatric social worker for the Tennessee Department of Correction and is currently unemployed and that from Sept. 2009 to the present she has been doing human and civil rights work, specifically, she expains

  • Informing Tax Payers How their Money is Misused and Abused, Speaking out on the Sexual Harassment of Women and Raising the Awareness of how discrimination and predudice can hurt all people. Exposing How Nepotism Runs Deep in the The Tennessee Department of Corrections and how this facilitates an environment of a “good ole boy” network, where if who don’t take on the belief of the Three Wise Old Monkeys then you become a target.. I am loyal and understand every system is flawed but if you mess with people I care for or the clients I have served then the three monkeys go out the door and then the 4th Monkey comes out!!

You probably know about the three wise old monkeys she is referring to : one hears no evil, one sees no evil, and one speaks no evil. My grandfather, Elizabeth “Mopsy” Shoumatoff, who had a 70-year career from the l920s to the l990s a “society” portrait painter in the U.S. after fleeing Russia on the eve of the Bolshevik revolution Revolution, and painted many of the “notables,” as she called them– Fricks, Firestones, IBM Watsons, Coca Cola Woodruffs, etc.– she did 3000 portraits of the American upper class and was the Gainsborough of her day– had a collection of statues of the three monkeys, one with his hands over his eyes, the other over his ears, the third over its mouth.

It seems to me that we all have to bring on our inner fourth monkey about now, if we are going to pull of the Big Shift and reinvent the modern world as a more “empathetic civilization,” as Jeremy Rifkin calls it (see his excellent Youtube video on this, which outlines what we have to do and where we have to go). The Occupy Wall Street movement, the recent protests at the White House about the Keystone pipeline big oil is trying to run from the Alberta tar sands to Houston, the riots in Greece, Italy, France, and the U.K., the Arab spring, the anti-corruption hunger strike in India — the whole world is dying for a change of direction, before the inexorable Malthusian math of our multiplying numbers and the amoral greediness of unfettered freemarket capitalism which has plunged us into this global financial crisis  overrun and destroy what is left of our world completely. It would be great if the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is demonstrating in hundreds of cities in North America today, could coalesce in the creation of a third party like the NDP in Canada which has replaced the Liberal party as the official opposition. I have to say that, ahead of the curve as usual, I anticipated the Occupy Wall Street movement with my Tidebuckas movement (click on Tidebuckas on the title page of this site to find out what it’s all about), which I started two years ago, after the hope and promise of real change that propelled Obama into office was shut down completely by the dirty tactics of the right’s disinformation and trashing machine. This still inchoate movement seems to be a resurfacing of the muzzled desire for change in a more militant form. When the people who have been cut out of the action, marginalized and disenfranchized, included the young educated members of the middle class who can’t find jobs, start to kick up a fuss, and it’s happening all over the world, this is a formula for revolution on a massive scale. But who has the blueprint for the new dispensation ? I am not a big fan of revolutions, however well-intentioned, because they usually seem to result in something worse. 60 million Russians killed by their own government for the people, for instance. I’d much rather see a Big Shift. But somebody has to arise to take us there. We all thought it was going to be Obama, including the Nobel Peace Prize committee, but the forces of the lucrative for them status quo seem to have gotten to him. I’d love to know what happened.

Another way to look at this moment of major change struggling to be born is the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics, which Al Gore told me about when we were flying back to Washington from the Kyoto conference of l997 : when a system is overloaded, when there is too much energy flowing through it that it can handle, it breaks into smaller units that gradually come together and form a new, more complex system. He was talking about how postcolonial Africa was breaking up into its original tribal jurisdictions, but this could be what we’re going through now. In any case, these are very interesting, and unsettling times.






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