crabs in the gulf of mexico

I just heard from Stephen Wynne, a consummate still-life photographer, are so traumatized and deranged by the oil they are ingesting from the spill that everyone has already forgotten about, that they have been biting off their own legs. So many disasters– or Apocalypse rehearsals as they might be called– coming fast and furious these …Read More

the summer of the gulfs

yo musiclovas, tidebuckas, i am finally back from a busy summer of traveling and reporting, first in the Gulf Mexico, then in the Gulf of Maine. will soon be putting up an excerpt of a Dispatch on the last 30,000 or so Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, who were already critically endangered before the spill. …Read More

the latest oil spill numbers

60,000 barrels a day and “worst-case scenario” 100,000. That’s a big difference. They don’t really know. That’s how out of control this hemmoraghing of our toxicity is.

A friend asked, “Why didn’t Obama immediately hire all the 450,000 people who are out of work to  help with the clean-up and bill BP for their wages.”

That would …Read More

the oil spill

has displaced the oil sands in Alberta as the greatest environmental horror show on the earth, not to diminish the horror of what is happening up there, which is only going to get worse, as offshore drilling has become like nuclear power after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. The megabucks  BP is losing in the …Read More

let’s not forget

, musiclovas and tidebuckas, the horrendous oil spill in the Ecuadorian Amazon, also caused by cost-cutting installation of substandard drilling and refining infrastructure.

Here’ s a grisly reminder that this ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is not the first time by a long shot Big Oil has poisoned  our Earth :

When is it going …Read More