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yo musiclovers, greetings from Prague where I am on a great assignment that I can’ tell you about. today me and laura bush are 63, which I can’t relate to at all, but time doesn’t care whether you relate to it or not. Claude Levi-Strauss is dead at 100. I remember running by a plate-lipped …Read More

#45: Tracing the interconnected origins of world music from flamenco to the blues.

Tracing the interconnected origins of world music—from flamenco to the blues—Alex Shoumatoff travels to India in search of the Gypsy music of Rajasthan.
By Alex Shoumatoff

The overnight train from New Delhi to Rajasthan is called the Pink City Express, and at nine in the morning it pulled into the big, seething capital city of Jaipur. After …Read More