song of the honest journalist

some people worship Jehovah

some bow down to allah
some prostrate themselves before golden statues of Buddha
even though he expressly asked not to be made  a god
for some it is beauty that will save the world
for others it is love
The animists revere the spirits of animals

the ancestor worshipers dread the spirits of the dead

The transcendentalists’ temple is …Read More

#12: Annals of Investigative Golf : The Gavea Golf Club in Rio de Janeiro.

This piece was  commissioned by TheSpook, a lively Web rag started by the multi-talented and multifaceted Anthony Sapienza, who subsequently changed the name to Metropole. Posting it  as a Dispatch is admittedly a bit of a stretch—what, after all,  does investigative golf have to do with the vanishing world ?—but  I’m  including it  because it’s …Read More