appeal to three presidents to save the monarch butterfly gets promising response

Betty Aridjis writes :
Our letter addressed to Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Harper received excellent coverage in the Mexican and international media, and we were successful in getting the Monarch butterfly on the North American Leaders’ Summit agenda.

Here is the relevant paragraph from the joint statement released at the end of the …Read More

400 new species including a vegetarian piranha found in amazon

the one that took a deep surgical triangular chunk out of my left middle finger when I was doing the vanity fair story about the dehydration of the amazon was definitely not a vegetarian. and I was not bleeding or menstruating, nor were my toenails painted red. Most piranha attacks on people happen when they …Read More

the cyanide-using poachers have been swiftly caught and given 15 years

The introduction of cyanide into poachers’ killing methods is a new low, and the global outrage was as instant and huge as that over the Assad’s use of sarin on the women and children of Syria’s. This must be the reason why the poachers were swiftly caught and given 15 years, and unusually high sentence …Read More

now they’re using cyanide

to kill elephants at water holes in Hwange Park in Zimbabwe.

This is where Johnny Rodrigues took Gullaume Bonn, Ron Beinner and I around for a day and we saw the bones of dozens of slaughtered elephants and he made a 24-video of a waterhole that showed that each species came to drink in its turn, …Read More