the future of the monarch butterfly

which performs the greatest migration of any insect on the planet.

I wrote about the race to find the wintering grounds of the monarchs, which Homer Aridjis recounts, in Vanity Fair

Today, the milkweed in North America’s heartland is being snuffed by pesticides. Only three million monarchs made it to the volcanoes of Michoacan, Mexico, …Read More

a great new cross-border intertribal bison conservation collaboration

this press release in from Wildlife Conservatin Society :

Historic Buffalo Treaty Signed by Tribes and First Nations Along U.S. and Canada Border


Native groups from U.S. and Canada join to support restoration of bison; renew cultural and spiritual ties


 BOZEMAN, MT (September 24, 2014) – Yesterday afternoon, dignitaries from U.S. Tribes and Canadian First Nations signed a treaty—the first among …Read More

consider the rhino

one of the most embattled animals on the planet, because of the alleged medicinal and aphrodisiac properties of its horn. Yesterday was World Rhino Day. Dereck Joubert, a Botswana-based wildlife film-maker and conservation, wrote this appeal in Huffington Post :

Botswana is one of Africa’s few conservation success stories. A subject we will be reporting …Read More

appeal to three presidents to save the monarch butterfly gets promising response

Betty Aridjis writes :
Our letter addressed to Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Harper received excellent coverage in the Mexican and international media, and we were successful in getting the Monarch butterfly on the North American Leaders’ Summit agenda.

Here is the relevant paragraph from the joint statement released at the end of the …Read More