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here’s Chris Hedges, author of The World As It is : Dispatches On the Myth of Human Progress, calling for civil disobedience : “I think people have finally woken up to the kleptocracy that we live in and the fact that the only word these corporations know is more. There are no impediments now to a rapacious reconfiguring of the United States and the global economy into a form of neofeudalism.  They recognize that the political system is broken that the commercial press, the judiciary, the elected officlas are essentially wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate state and we’re seeing a reaction, and it of course for those of us who have been calling for acts of civil disobedience and physical definate of the corporate state, it’s deeply heartening.” Here’s the whole rant.

Note that the RT (Russian Television) interviewer, Alyana Minkovski, is much sharper and hotter than the really weak and mediocre young chic Erin Burnett CNN got to replace Eliot Spitzer, mirroring the decadence of the corporate press. Here’s Erin’s report on the protests :


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