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and not blogging regularly, but I’ve been under the gun with huge back-to-back pieces for Vanity Fair. I have a foot high stack of clips of environmental and biocultural news from all over the world, most of it not good, waiting to be posted. Soon as I get out from under this second humongous, barely containable piece, which should be in ten days or so, I have go right on to a third equally epic assignment, which is going to require some major globetrotting. And there are all these books I want to write, and all this music I want to lay on you. The day ain’t long enough.

On a more positive personal note, Dispatch #31: The Desertification of Mali has been reprinted in a textbook called Water, edited by Noah Berlatsky and published by Greenhaven Press.

And Dispatch # 65: Agony and Ivory has been nominated for a Genesis Award in the Outstanding Written Word– Magazine category by the Humane Society. I’m keeping my fingers crossed– the awards ceremonies in March are at the Beverly Hilton in Hollywood, and will be crawling with celebs who care about animals, whom I am very interested in hooking up with. Keep you posted.



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