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life is like a golf course : new players with different tee-times are constantly teeing off and making their way around the course. Each round is unique, unredictable, and unrepeatable. Even the same player who plays the course again finds himself confronted with a completely different set of shots and challenges, a completely different experience in time and space, and outcome.

Each individual consciousness is like a computer plugged into the Internet. Eventually the computer craps out and is replaced by a new computer with compatible settings, but the Internet is indestructible and continues, because it’s a plane of reality, the collective conscious and unconscious, which is ultimately, science and religion both tell us, no different from the physical plane.  And our old crapped out computer is shipped to China, where its metals and other materials are stripped and recycled into new electronic appliances.

Because our consciousness doesn’t really belong to us, it is something we are tapped into and we are a temporary housing for, the communications barrier between us and other species, or sentient beings as the Buddhist like to call them– Adam’s wall, as it has been called– is artificial and surmountable. The filters and wiring, etc. are of course different, but I think we are poised for a breakthrough. Check out this essay by Mark Bekoff, one of the pioneers in the burgeoning new field of rethinking the species interface,  that he sent me this morning :

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