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I’m a few days away from finishing a massive piece for Vanity Fair that has been consuming my full attention since the beginning of July. Then I’ll be able to do some long-overdue blogging about such subjects as Serena Williams’s footfault, which I may as well get off my chest right now. It wasn’t a foot-fault if you look at the footage. With her feet behind the line on her second serve, she tossed up the ball and rose into the air and hit it, then she came down. The call was wrong and Serena flew off the handle and lost it and started cursing and threatening the poor little Asian woman who made the bad call and was penalized two points which cost her the match. This was really unfortunate because you could see that Serena was just getting into her indomitable mode and was going to turn the match around. She was probably going to take the set and the next one and win the match. Why wasn’t it possible for her to ask for the foot-fault to be replayed, as it is for line calls ? That would have avoided the whole fiasco. I hope the World Tennis Association, or whatever the governing body of this great game is, takes a lesson from this and changes the rules.

Anyway, here is another lonesome oneshot garage band recording, of the Gershwin’s classic, “Love is Here to Stay.” loveisheretostaymr11If you can hang in for the first minute, which is basically just warm-up and throat-clearing, it starts to swing a little.

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