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Past Work

Annals of Civil War [6]


FLIGHT FROM DEATH The violence in Rwanda was threatening to explode in Burundi, where the author’s Tutsi relatives live, and he knew he had to get them out.

THE minibus sped past hundreds of deplacés walking along the road with mattresses, cooking pots, and bundles of possessions on their heads. “Africa …Read More [6]

The Real Adirondacks [15]

This article originally appeared in the summer 1997 issue of the since-defunct Snow Country magazine.  It was recently published in an anthology of new Adirondack writing called Rooted in Rock (Syracuse University Press).
The black flies will eat you alive, the natives are hostile, the mountains are low and boring, the trails are muddy and slippery, and the …Read More [15]

The Rain Forest: A Close Up Look [17]

The Rain Forest: A Close Up Look 
Boston Museum of Science Magazine, October 1990
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Note: We recieved a recent email asking for a link from this article to their page and have obliged.  Banana Garden.Com is a site devoted to the rainforest plant and banana.   June ’07
The science writer Timothy Ferris and I were bouncing …Read More [17]

The Navajo Way [19]

Men’s Journal, Novermber 1998

One of the most remarkable things about this republic is that there exists within its borders a parallel universe known as Dinetah, a nation of more than 155,000 souls who subscribe to a mind-set completely different from the modern American belief that everything in nature is there for the taking.  Dinetal is …Read More [19]

The Gods Break Through in Uganda, The Nende Files [23]

This is the complete original version, a few sentances were cut from the version that appeared in Lapis Magazine, Issue 4, Spring 1997.
I had been to Nsambya Hospital seven years earlier, to interview Sister Nelizinho Carvalho, a heroic nun who had started the first blood-screening program in AIDS-ravaged Kampala. This time I was looking …Read More [23]