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Murder in Brazil, The Rain-Forest Martyr Chico Mendes

As originally appeared in Vanity Fair Magazine, April 1989
      One afternoon a few weeks after Chico Mendes was murdered at his home in Xapuri, deep in the Brazilian Amazon, two thousand miles from the dolce vita of Rio de Janeiro, I went into the rain forest with Raimundo Gadelha, Chico’s thirty-year-old brother-in-law. Xapuri is in the state of Acre, …Read More

Letter From Lhasa

Vanity Fair, May 1991

The Tibetans have an unusual procedure for disposing of their dead: sky burial. The corpses are carried up to craggy hilltops, hacked into little pieces, and fed to lam­mergeiers, a huge, brown species of vulture. There are practical reasons for this ancient custom: the ground is frozen much of the time and …Read More