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but will it be enough to turn the tide, with all the grounded capitalists licking their chops at the prospect of Romney getting in and things going back to anything goes, to where they were raking it  before unfettered freemarket avarice precipitated the recession in the fall of 2008. Never mind that  Mitt needs to go to geography class, or at least look at a map of the Middle East, with his statement that Syria is “Iran’s route to the sea.” Almost as good as W saying that “Africa is a country with a lot of problems.” or Brittney Spears saying “I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.” Or Sarah Palin saying she could see Russia from her house, the closest point of Russian shoreline being 700-some miles from Wasilla.

The new cliche of the hour seems to be “he has lost his mojo.” Piers Morgan asked Dan Rather last week on CNN, “do you think Obama has lost his mojo ?” The way Morgan said it, dripping with irony and so pleased with himself and superior-like as Brits can be, even self-made sons of dentists like him, seemed almost racist. But then I read a story in the Canada Post about some white hedge-fund wunderkind who had “lost his mojo,” according to his colleague, and decided at the age of 37 it was time to get out of the game and spend more time with his family, so he cashed in his chips for $800-some million.

So losing your mojo seems to be on people’s tongues, or is it lips, these days, the cliche of the moment. Oxymoron is long gone, perfect storm has pretty much blown over, though you still hear it,  and “tipping point” still has legs because it is applicable to so many things, although I cringe a little whenever I hear it, and the new cultural buzzwords are “it’s all good” and “he’s lost his mojo.” It’s all good conveys reassurance in these parlous times, as a lot of things are losing their mojo, like America and Europe and the Middle East, Al Q’eyda and  Western civilization, arts and letters, I’m having trouble thinking of anything that isn’t losing its mojo.

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