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this one is suggested by the nordestino and Amazon carimbo and baiao that I was first exposed to in l975. There’s this Iberian Moorish gypsy mournfulness that my Russian soul, and instruction in southern country blues, resonates to. Luis Gonzaga the accordionplayer was it best known performer. His most famous song is Asa Branca. This ragito, if I can presume to call it this  starts off a little sluggishly, I’m afraid, and there are some unsuccessful attempts to take off in interesting new directions which I hope to explore in future musicales matinales,  but half a dozen repetitions of the melody are not bad. It’s always educational to be reminded how far one has to go in terms of artistic virtuosity, but the more you do anything the better you get. practice makes perfect, music lovers.  Although in my case perfection is a pipedream.

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