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mr15condorpassa This is one of the songs in the world’s songbook that really has the wail for me, up there with Manha de Carnaval and The House in New Orleans. These lyrics I got from the guide Juan de Dios who took Zach and me up the Rio de las Piedras in the Peruvian Amazon see They are several orders more powerful and authentic than Paul Simon’s candyass lyrics (I’d rather be a hammer than a nail, etc). But they don’t seem to be that well known; none of the many Peruvian versions on Youtube have them. I am undoubtedly messing up some of the Spanish, having never formally studied the language, picking up what I know from conversing and reading and knowing Portuguese, French, and Latin, but here they are :

El condor al passar mi diz assi

Siga mi lo que tu veras

Condor Condor


chorus :

Fronteras no tien(en?) fin aqui

Condor Condor

Fronteras no tien(en) fin aqui

E yo tanbien E yo tanbien

Condor condor

Translation :

The condor passing through said to me

Follow me (to?) whatever you  will see.

Frontiers have no limit here

And neither do I.

A note on the strum : this is a sort of reverse slow-fan rasgeado of my own invention.  Basically it starts on the E/C chord that rocks back from and punctuates the A minor chord that the melody starts and resolves on : you flick the three fingers up the top four or five strings together, not separately, as with conventional rasgeados, but in a single percussive downstroke. Then on the upstroke you rake the three fingers separately down from the first to fifth strings, catching them with the third finger. This reverse fan has more emotive punch to my ear.

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