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you musiclovas and tidebuckas who have been following this blog may recall that I said  liberals and conservatives are found in every society. They are such a different mindset, a way of framing and responding to the world, of living your life,  that I suggested which persuasion you are may be genetically determined. There’s probably going a test in a couple of years you’ll be able to take when you’re six months old that will tell you which you’re going to be, because  liberals and conservatives, red and blues, are as different as dogs and cats or males and females. Well, here’s some supporting evidence : the current issue of Social Psychology Quarterly has a study by Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary pscyhologist at the London School of Economics that finds that liberals are 11 I.Q. points smarter than conservatives. This is because they are more adaptable, more able to change and adopt new values, more able to think up new behavior in response to changes in their social and natural environment and open to trying it out, better able to cope with disaster. “Passed down via genetics, these… traits are still the calling cards of an intelligent brain– expressed as a tendency toward adopting non-traditional social values and preferences,” Kanazawa writes.

The problem is, if we’re so smart, and my experience is that the average liberal is many steps ahead of the average conservative in terms of his understanding of what we are doing here and what is going on in the world, how is it that we have let the rabid conservatives, the sociopaths, the very guys who have brought us to this pass, get us by the balls again and start building their house of cards and weaving their webs of deceit as if nothing happened,  when American society gave us the reigns of power and the mandate a year and a half ago ? Because they play dirty. So how about some adaptation ? A little tidebucking please ?  Andale companheiros.

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