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It’s interesting that the only person I’ve heard say anything about why Sandy and all the other crazy extreme weather we’re getting are due to global warming. Global carbon dioxide has risen since 1750, the beginning of the industrial revolution,  from 200 parts per million to 390 now and rising exponentially. At no time in the last 300,000 years before 1750 was it higher than 200 ppm. This C02 is admitting the sun’s radiation but not letting what is refracted back from the earth’s surface escape back into space, so the planet is getting warmer, like the interior of a greenhouse. Air is like water. The warmer it gets, the more turbulent its molecules become. The atmosphere, with all the CO2 and other greenhouse gases being poured into it,  is like a pot of water coming to boil. This is why we are getting all this extreme weather. We’re basically cooking our own gooses. And these apocalyptic disasters like Katrina and Sandy are only a foretaste of what’s to come. I don’t think any technological fix can be implemented to stop it.

This is a major issue in this campaign, why I wouldn’t think of casting my vote for Romney, and am not going to. If he gets it, he says he will greenlight the Keystone pipepline from day one, and open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other exceptional wilderness areas to oil exploration, cut funding for alternative energy, repeal the EPA’s clean air regulations and go full throttle at all the fossil fuel there is left in America, offshore oil, coal, shale gas. So our emissions which have actually been getting lower because of the recession and better-mileage modern cars and the EPA’s regulation of industrial emissions are going to soar. Obama, on the other hand, gets it. He’s cranking up as much alternative energy as a Congress in bed with oil will allow, and suspended the Keystone Pipeline pending further study, including of the environmental impact of the Tar Sand from which the oil would come. Romney would be a disaster for the environment, which I think it the underlying and overarching issue of our time, even though it is short-shrifted in the American political discourse. So I could never vote for him. I wonder how many other people think that way ? For what percentage of the electorate are global warming and the environment the deciding factor ? Not many, I fear, and the ones for whom they are probably all voting for Obama, so there’s no need to go after them. Which is why we aren’t hearing anything about this. No ads or speeches are connecting the dots. Romney certainly isn’t going to bring it up, and Obama’s handlers my guess is fear it could be a can of worms and blow up in their faces, so they aren’t either.


2 thoughts on “it’s global warming, stupid”

  1. I always find it curious how in the past, technological innovation was judged on the basis of how well it took the limitations dictated by an environment and available materials and turned these elements into the most efficient device, where as now technological innovation is what free market economics says sells. So if we need to rip up every patch of untouched habitats in say Australia to mine for chemicals used in mobile phones, that is preferable to working out another way to build a mobile phone that doesn’t require those specific minerals. I mean, if aliens looked down on us and saw all the effort we put into drilling black liquid made of decomposed marine life to produce energy, they would surely think we were an incredibly stupid and irrational species when there’s perfectly good energy sources at ground level. Every little crappy corporation convinces itself that it’s some sort of component of government, regardless of what idiots are running it and it’s actually terribly important that it be allowed the freedom to irrationally pursue the most inefficient, moronic use of resources possible because its profitable and CREATES JOBS AND WEALTH. Keep yer jobs, I’m sure we’ll find something else to do, like build solar power stations and energy efficient buildings for instance. BUT THAT WILL THREATEN THE ECONOMY! Yeah, because the stock markets are distributing wealth so well aren’t they? Just the occasional massive collapse every decade or so. Veritable engines of progress they are, well as long as you’re within the right fraction of the population that is. And if you’re not, well clearly you didn’t show enough enterprise and ambition. What a sensible and logical argument. Thank god the markets are free.

    1. Right on Ross ! You have made so many excellent points it’s going to take a few readings to fully savor and appreciate them.
      We’d like to hear more from you. You are clearly a soul brother, a tidebucka. So glad you’ve found us and that we are connected.
      With our collective energy maybe we can do something to help a more compassionate and inclusive way of doing business on and with the planet come into being.

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