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Yo ecocompanheros : The Dispatches is starting a new section called Social and Green Entrepreneurs
to recognize and promote the people who are doing it right, who are making a difference and playing an
important role in the enormous transformation that we all have to make. We’re kicking it off by introducing you to a line of green clothing that a small, grassroots outfit here in Montreal called Ecocompagnie is putting out. You can see it on their site, The clothes are made of certified organic cotton, grown in India. Every t shirt you buy keeps a litre and a half of pesticides out of the environment, according to Ecocompagnie’s sales director, Christian Piche, and a tree will be planted in one of the green corridors that are being regrown in the forests and riverbanks of Quebec. Companies are ordering Ecocopagnie’s white lab coats and collared tennis shirts. The fabric has an earthiness and a soft fullness not found in ordinary cotton. The line is designed by the Vailleux sisters, Sophie and Melanie. Sophie is Christian’s lovely conjoint, as the many unmarried couples in Montreal call each other. The clothes are being sold as part of the Earth Day celebration this Wednesday at Toi et Moi, on Laurier and Jeanne Mance, and on-line at And at the happy hour celebration of Earth Say at L’Assomoir, on 112 Bernard Ouest. As Anna Lappe says, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

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