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In the last couple of weeks we’ve had the slaughter of the kids in Newtown, the  sniper of Iraq and Afgan fame shot at the driving range in Waco by the deranged exMarine, the guy who shot the bus driver and held the five year old boy in his bunker in Alabama for a week before he was finally taken out. And yet Ted Nugent, also in Waco, says it’s not the guns. It’s the crazies, and we need guns to defend ourselves against them. But how often does this come up, even with our society particularly its lowlives and criminals armed to the teeth ? How often does someone break into the home of a law-abiding citizen who shoots him ? The denial is analagous to that of global warming which I discussed a couple of blots back. We’re living in a time where the second  amendment has gone bananas, just like the unfettered freemarket capitalism. Gun-toting John Wayne Clint Eastwood rugged individuals and shameless ruthless wheeler-dealer J.R. types. The mom whose son mowed down the kids in Newtown was a gun nut, which is how he got the assault rifle and knew how to use it, and the sniper had notched lots of kills in the Middle East. taking the ex-marine to a gun range  for therapy for his ptsd ? Fire off some rounds and work off your tensions. it’s not the guns ? Obviously it’s the guns. There are very few guns in Montreal, and very few violent armed break-ins and all most all the shootings are among the mafia and during gang wars. gangland slayings. If the burglar or assailant doesn’t have a gun, you don’t need a gun to defend yourself. An obvious truth, you would think, plain as the nose on your face, plain as a gun barrel pointed at you that goes blam. but this is going to be a tough nut to crack. even if you banned assault weapons from now on and flagged the crazies trying to buy guns, there’s a huge amount of them out there that are already armed, and getting a gun under the table is not a problem. and the gun nuts are only going to get more retrenched and fortified. the media isn’t helping. cnn’s endless coverage of newtown and the alabama bunker seige. it sends a message to the crazies, you don’t have to be a nobody, you can get your fifteen minutes of national attention if you self-destruct publically and take down as many innocent people with you as you can.








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