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My Vanity Fair story “Agony and Ivory” was republished in the October GQ China. Just the audience we want to reach.

A rough unedited video of me performing my song for the elephants, which reinforces the message, is up on Youtube :

A few weeks ago New Vision, the official government paper of Uganda, reported that three white elephants had been discovered in Queen Elizabeth Park. They would be the first white elephants (which are actually light speckled grey) every found in Africa. But a scoffer suggested they had simply been rolling in white clay. The guy who reported the discovery said by they were completely white from head to foot. The scoffer retorted that sometimes they roll in mud so thoroughly that they get completely cover. So it was decided to send a party to take another look at them. This was a few weeks ago. (I’ve been superswamped and unable to blog about this till now). There has been nothing about this in New Vision or any press since. New Vision came up with one of my all-time favorite headlines fifteen years or so ago : “HERMAPHRODITE PREGNANTS SELF.” Not everything you read in New Vision is necessarily the truth. But it is good to remember that this is true of any newspaper.


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