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Elephant News

“Agony and Ivory” was published in the October GQ China. Just the audience we want to reach.

A rough unedited video of me performing my song for the elephants, which reinforces the message, is up on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dniGHHETqs

The story in New Vision, the Ugandan government paper, about three white elephants being discovered in Queen Elizabeth Park, which would make them the first white elephants ever seen in Africa, has been challenged by a scoffer suggesting they had just been rolling in white clay. The person who reported them said, but they are totally white from head to foot, and the scoffer said, well sometimes they roll in the mud so completely that they get completely covered with it. So it was decided to send a party to the park to have another look. This was a couple of weeks ago. Since then there has been nothing further in the Uganda press one way or the other.