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Now I am by no means an expert birder, and I may never be. But what I am is a great admirer of their beauty and grace, and an appreciator of their daily struggles. Through my photography, I aim to seize a moment of their splendid lives and share it with others who may not have the time, opportunity, or inclination to observe what I can.

I aim to illuminate not only their beauty but also an essential aspect of their lives. To suggest that birds are individuals, with unique “personalities” that can be revealed by observing them over a period of time. They may have favorite perches, unique strategies for foraging, particular anomalies in their songs. Am I guilty of anthropomorphizing at times? Absolutely.

One thought on “#72: For The Love of Birds”

  1. Melissa, I am guilty as well. I wonder how man became so arrogant to think that other living beings do
    not have individual personalities and character traits. Who are we to say they do not have emotions;
    though they may be different than ours. Are we so narrow minded that we can not imagine animals having
    their own mind set and values?

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