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Sharp-Shinned Hawk

I want to share one last image with you, of a pair of scarlet tanagers I found one spring day, lying lifeless by a neighbor’s sliding glass door. The male (red) must have been chasing the female (yellow), and they both hit the glass and broke their necks. I was profoundly moved by the loss of a possibly mating pair of a species that I had rarely seen. I posed their bodies together and took a photograph, thinking that at the very least I could memorialize them.

One thought on “#72: For The Love of Birds”

  1. Melissa, I am guilty as well. I wonder how man became so arrogant to think that other living beings do
    not have individual personalities and character traits. Who are we to say they do not have emotions;
    though they may be different than ours. Are we so narrow minded that we can not imagine animals having
    their own mind set and values?

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