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I just heard from Stephen Wynne, a consummate still-life photographer, are so traumatized and deranged by the oil they are ingesting from the spill that everyone has already forgotten about, that they have been biting off their own legs. So many disasters– or Apocalypse rehearsals as they might be called– coming fast and furious these days. What was it that happened in Pakistan a few months back ? Was that flooding, or an earthquake ? I can’t even remember. Already the tsunami of coverage of the Japanese tsunami is waning.

This news about the crabs reminds me of the orphan elephants who saw their mothers killed in front of them and grew up to be psycho Lord of the Flies teenagers who raped rhinos in Pilanes Park, South Africa. See Gay Bradshaw’s Elephants on the Edge. Stephen is putting me in touch with the scientist who told him about this. I would be interested in hearing from readers about other unheard of psychotic behavior of animals whose habitat has been poisoned and whose lives are at constant risk from poachers and other killers. Orphan elephants, from poaching or culls, are definitely suffering from post-traumatic stress.

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