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Just read in the Montreal Gazette about a homeless guy living in the streets of   our city who collected 3000 metal cans over the course of the last week, for which he got $150, which he gave to the Gray Nuns who are getting medical assistance and food to the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

Last year we had our local smalltime Bernie Madoff, a guy called Earl Jones, who bilked the people who trusted him with their money out of a mere $75 million, but that’s a lot of money up here, especially for people whose lifesavings and retirement funds were wiped out. Some lost their homes or were evicted from their rentals. A 90 year old woman in a nursing home, herself living on a tight fixed income,  read of their plight and sent  the victims of Earl Jones fund $5000, a big sum for her, but she explained, “If I didn’t do anything, I’d feel terrible.”

A lot of beautiful people up here, a lot of beautiful people in the world, eh ?

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