#10: A Report for the J.M.Kaplan Fund on the Transborder Effort to Create Marine Protected Areas in the Gulf of Maine

1. The Ocean As The Last Frontier of Planetary Stewardship
        In l997 I wrote a proposal for a long magazine piece about the state of the world’s oceans, part of a series on the state of the environment at the turn of the millennium, that never happened.    “I will first head for the pool …Read More

#8: The Prairie Churches of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota: A Report for the J.M.Kaplan Fund

(This is the full, the complete, unexpurgated “twenty-three-thousand-plus” Dispatch, more than seven times longer than the report the Kaplan Fund commissioned.  But there was so much of interest that I wanted to do it full justice, because few people are aware of the amazing churches in the northern plains of Canada, and they are going …Read More

#7: A Preliminary Report on the Philanthropic Possibilities of Cuba

by Alex Shoumatoff, based on his visit to the island  March 19-26, 2001
        Cuba is rife with philanthropic possibility on both the architectural and ecological
preservation fronts. The casual visitor is impressed by how well this last bastion of communism seems to work for all its citizens, how despite the embargo there is food and health care …Read More