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Betty Aridjis writes :
Our letter addressed to Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Harper received excellent coverage in the Mexican and international media, and we were successful in getting the Monarch butterfly on the North American Leaders’ Summit agenda.

Here is the relevant paragraph from the joint statement released at the end of the February 19 meeting here in Mexico:

“We will continue to collaborate in the protection of our region’s biodiversity and to address other environmental challenges, such as wildlife trafficking and ecosystems at risk. Our governments will establish a working group to ensure the conservation of the Monarch butterfly, a species that symbolizes our association.”

Now we will be working on the creation of a milkweed corridor along the Monarch’s migratory route through Canada, the US and Mexico.


what can we in north america who love monarchs do ? plant lots of milkweed. try to make sure milkweed along highways isn’t mowed. agitate until the pesticides  and genetically-modified corp that kill monarchs and milkweed collaterally are re-genetically modified so they don’t




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