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I was talking about this with Nancy Gerbault, who runs the Abroad Writers Conference. I will be doing workshops and giving lectures at the one Nov.21-8 in Hever Castle, Kent, where Ann Boleyn grew up. Both of the existing parties, particularly the Republicans, have been corrupted by corporate money. so why not start a new party. The NDP in Canada, which is green and socialistic, has become the official opposition to the Tories, displacing the Liberals who ran out of steam and injecting new vigor into the Canadian political discourse. The Republicans have a billion dollar plus war chest this year. See the creeping article on Karl Rove by Craig Unger in the September Vanity Fair.

Nancy emailed back :

“A third party is an interesting idea but I don’t know if a third party could compete with the surge in religious memes that are reproducing faster than compassionate solutions to our planet memes.

Problem is, how do we deal with urgent situations that are not popular with the world?  For example, in the past we discussed over-population but that term has fallen out of grace because it touches on religious rights. However, if we don’t deal with this problem our planets animal diversity will be destroyed. Humans are consuming and destroying everything that’s special about our world.”

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