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70 % if the 60 million acres that make up the United Kingdom is owned by 0.36% of the population, or 158,000 families of the aristocracy as entitled estates¬† that have been handed down for generations according to the law of primogeniture. The Duke of Westminster is Britain’s third-richest person with a fortune estimated at $10 billion at 140,000 acres. The other 23 million Brits are packed into 3 million acres of urban space. At a certain population density, as in Rwanda in l994, I forgot how many people per square kilometer, a society begins to self-destruct ethnically, economically, and ecologically. In the 20 times smaller slice of the UK’s land-surface piece where 99.64 percent of Brits live unemployment is at a 23 year high, marginalized immigrants are rioting in their ghettos, anarchy and nihilism are on the rise among the young. But of course if you did a land redistribution and legislatively lessened the gap between the rich and poor, you would destroy the pastoral landscape and its birds, foxes, and the rest of the even more coince flora and fauna. but the uk seems ripe for some sort of upheaval. see

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