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it’s been a while since I’ve been able to put anything up on DVW because our server crapped out and andre has gotten us another one so we’re back all systems going full steam ahead. The big thing on my end since we last interacted is that Vanity Fair published myportrait/memoir of 44th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, called “Positively 44th Street,” in its June issue which is off the stands but the piece is on A far cry from the elephant piece and an interesting piece of journalism and writing. One reader called it an “out of body experience.” Another said it was “randomly wonderful.” It does touch “the mystic chords of memory,” as Lincoln called them, and possesses the quietly surreal quality of Postcards From Florida, my first book, published 38 years ago and now reissued by our publishing arm, Last Look Books and soon to be available digitally for Ipad and Kindle afficionados. In the digital version the postcards are reproduced in color. So my outlook hasn’t changed that much in all these years even though every cell in my body has been replaced more than twice since the Florida book and the piece on 44th street were published.

I’ll be updating you on all kinds of other things as time permits. Please share your concerns and causes on Reader Alerts. My big concern at the moment is how do we design the new more compassionate system for living here ? Money is destroying the world and us. We’ve got to come up with something less destructive. It’s a matter of our survival and that of all the other living things we are here with. More on this anon.



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