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which I’m now going through

Pamela Sutton, new facebook friend, messages that she taught The Rivers Amazon for eight years at the U of Penn. and the kids loved it.

scott wallace, The Unconquered : In Search of the Amazon’s Last Uncontacted Tribes. including the mascho-piro in Manu Park, Peru

the Adirondack dialect, or doyaleck, is probly bess called Rondack.

news isms : famously

francis younghusband, l92o : climbing everest “will give me a feeling that we are really getting the upper hand on Earth, that we are acquiring a true mastery of our surroundings.”

michael maren : the road to hell ” the ravaging efffects of foreign aid and international charity”

french is not an efficient language. in hockey, icing is “degagement refuse” degagement de quoi. refuse par qui ? in montreal, where the roads are being torn up and the sewer pipes are being relaid, there are lots of detours, a french word, but the signs say “itineraire facultatif,” which means optional route. but it is a beautiful language. pamplemousse has it over grapefruit any day of the week. and there are a lot of specific words that english doesn’t have, like “aubade” a morning love song. one word for three so more efficient. it takes three words in english to convey this and not as poetically. this is where french excels, its richness and sensual specificity. “faillir” is both to go bankrupt and to die.








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