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good news for a change : the forests are returning, deforestation is peaking, the world is getting greener, climate change is being mitigated.…/we-ar…/article26147272/This is true of the dediduous hardwood forest of northeastern North America, which has been coming back since the car replaced the horse as the way to get around. After 1918 the internal combustion engine had taken over from horses, with dire consequences for the atmosphere, and the hayfields to which most of the forest had been converted were let go, and the trees began to return. But I don’t see any sign of deforestation slowing in Borneo, where the world’s oldest and most speciose rain forest is being converted to row after row of oil palm trees– the subject of a book I wrote that’s coming out next year. And is the slowing down of deforestation in china, indonesia, and the amazon having any noticeable on the rise of atmospheric co2 and global mean temperatures, which have both been almost vertical since l970? But this is definitely good news.

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