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the cyanide-using poachers have been swiftly caught and given 15 years

http://www.enca.com/africa/zimbabwe-poachers-jailed-15-years-elephant-poisoning [1]

The introduction of cyanide into poachers’ killing methods is a new low, and the global outrage was as instant and huge as that over the Assad’s use of sarin on the women and children of Syria’s. This must be the reason why the poachers were swiftly caught and given 15 years, and unusually high sentence for any of the countries whose elephants are being slaughtered and particularly surprising for Zimbabwe, where there are many reports of the government of Mugabe, which is tight with the Chinese, being involved in the traffic of its elephants’ tusks. Hopefully this is an example for the rest of the elephants’ range states, and the beginning of the end to the poaching. Serious consequences have to be attached to killing an elephant and reinforced. The risk has to be made higher than the reward, which is very high these days.