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you may recall my Vanity Fair piece about how the uber-corporate military industrial Anglo-American establishment Bohemian Grove Club had been clandestinely logging its ancient redwoods for 20 years until it was discovered by my old college buddy and fourth generation Grove, John C. Hooper, and how I snuck into the Grove on the opening night of the two week summer encampment and was promptly arrested. Here’s the story : Scroll down to Dispatch #53 : Bohemian Tragedy

well there’s great news.  A judge has nixed the Grove’s new timber plan, which would have permitted  even more aggressive logging. Hooper  just sent me a story about this sensational new development in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Great victory for California and one of its most magnificent redwood groves ! Way to go Jock and the rest of the merry gang of activists in the Bohemian Grove Rescue Club ! David can beat Goliath. This sort of grass-roots  activism has to be taken nationally, and globally. So many battles to fight for our world and its biodiversity.

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