this is the greatest threat to biodiversity on the planet

The devastation of the Malay/Indonesian Archipelago’s rain forest, the most ancient and species-rich on the earth, by loggers and its conversion to oil-palm plantations.

Two years ago with Birute Galdikas, who has been researching and fighting for Borneo’s orangutans for four decades, I drove along the 50-mile western perimeter of Tanjing Puting National Park, in …Read More

join us in borneo

writers who want to hone your chops for writing about and for the world, the Abroad Writers’ Conference is having a session in Sarawak, North Borneo, in June, in which anthropologist Gerrell Drawhorn, a veteran investigator of Borneo’s incredible biocultural diversity, and I will be taking you out into the rainforest and to meet the …Read More