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you gotta buck the tide
when the tide really sucks like now
you gotta buck the tide

when you washing up on the sand and stranded
you gotta buck the tide

when all hope of change all chance for improvement
is goin down the drain
you gotta buck the tide

this definitely not one of our better moments
not one of our finest hours
we’re losing the battle for the planet
to the dark powers

when apathy indifference and ignorance
are the order of the day
you gotta buck the tide

when everything you believe in
and who you are is being pulled out to sea
and drowned
you gotta buck the tide

you gotta decide
if you’re gonna be part of the problem
or the solution
are you gonna put up with any more of this
air water and mind pollution
you gonna join this revolution
or sit there twiddling your thumbs
and know that what’s happening
or what’s not happening ain’t right.

you gotta buck the tide
you gotta take a side
there’s nowhere left to hide
you gotta take some pride
in what you doing here

don’t let the people who like it the way it is
take you for a ride
expose their dirty tricks and disinformation
Recognize when you being lied to
stand up and face the nation

so what’s it gonna be mothafucka
you gonna sit there fat dumb and happy
or you gonna be a tide-bucka ?

(The lyrics so far, last verse contributed by my teenage boys and their rapper friend Joseph.)

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