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Even cultures with long, established traditions of consuming wild animal parts can change. As WildAid’s Peter Knights says, “It is a myth that people in Asia don’t care about wildlife. Consumption is based on ignorance not malice.” After a concerted publicity campaign Chinese consumption of sharkfin soup is down 60-70%. Now it’s  the elephants’ turn. Let’s follow this campaign closely and support it however we can. Speak out wherever you see ivory being sold in your place of residence. Like I just saw a big tusk for sale in a curio shop in Montreal. The guy didn’t get it, that an elephant in Africa had to be killed to have that tusk in his display case. If the Chinese can be persuaded to stop buying ivory and get rid of what they have, what an example it would be for the rest of the world, for the Big Shift to a more empathetic civilization the modern world has to make. Here’s the article :


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