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who lives down the street teaches at Dawson, a CEGEP in Montreal that the students here go to instead of twelfth grade and freshman year of college. He likes to get together and rent a soundproof studio for an hour and have freeform jams. After one of these musicales, I was observing how we are living in an age of ominous uncertainty. How bad is global warming going to be, are we going to be able to stop it ? Will the economic meltdown lead to global depression ? And now this H1N1 pandemic. No one know how the virus is going to mutate. Dan said, “I’m a closet environmentalist, but when I make the arguments, what do I have to stand on ?”
What do any of us have to stand on ? We’re all consuming and emitting. But every little bit we can do individually to reduce our footprint helps. Wangari Maathai, the Nobel-prize-winning Kenyan who started the Greenbelt Movement, told me a fable about a hummingbird which is actually Japanese. There is a terrible forest fire and all the animals are running from the flames except for the hummingbird, who is flying back and forth from a spring and scooping up water in his tiny sliver of a beak and dropping it on them. The other animals laugh at him, what do you think you’re doing foolish bird ? And the hummingbird tells them, I’m doing what I can.

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