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and we’re finding each other. If we can unite and organize, we can save our world.

There’s a beautiful video on Youtube, The Planet Earth Song, by White Lone Wolf, it case anybody needs to be reminded what we’re fighting for.

This morning’s email brings a message from Steve Keyes, a new Facebook friend and obviously tidebucka we gotta commoncause with :

“I just got back from attending the Interfaith Power and Light conference in Washington DC which ended with our visits to Capitol Hill.  No longer willing to let the conservative right co-opt our religious principals, members of all different faith traditions (Evangelical, Catholic, Jew, Baha’i, Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, Episcopal, etc) met together with a common purpose re: climate change!  Note that the number of states represented nearly doubled in less than one year, and member IPL’s now represents over 10,000 congregations and spiritual communities of every stripe across the country!  One rabbi at the conference is now trying to expand the movement to Israel!  Check out the Regeneration Project (the umbrella organization of the Interfaith Power and Light movement) at:; It is indeed rare to see so many people of action united around a common cause of such importance!  “Let deeds not words be your adorning.”  –Baha’u’llah–“

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