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  • October 3, 2010: Dispatch # 59: God Save the Ridley. Will the most critically endangered of the world's seven sea turtle species survive the Gulf oil spill?  Click here to see the dispatch   (Note: a link to edition that appeared in Vanity Fair is posted, as well as the original version that is slightly longer).
  • September 15, 2010: Dispatch #58, about Boston-born William Lobkowicz, who is from an old Bohemian princely family and went back to Prague after the Velvet Revolution and got back everything that had been nationalized by the Soviet occupiers: the ten palaces, the land, the fabulous art and book collections-- and is trying to make it work-- not an easy proposition. Click here to read. (Adobe PDF) 
  • September 14, 2010: Reposting Dispatch #13: The Garter Snake Dens of Manitoba. As posted in the 2004 edition of Audubon Magazine, here is an article that originally appeared here as Dispatch #13: Each spring, on the plains of Manitoba, tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes come boiling out of the depths of the earth. Before dispersing, they come together to mate in what is truly one of nature's most riveting spectacles. Click here to read.  
  • June 20, 2010: Dispatch #57: Presenting General Aidid. Suitcase sneaks behind enemy lines in Mogadishu in l994 and interviews the "warlord" Mohammed Farah Aidid, whom the U.S. blew off in much the way it did Pancho Villa, and with remarkably similar consequences. Click here to read. (Adobe PDF) 
  • June 20, 2010 : Suitcase's Vanity Fair story, "The Lazarus Effect," (Dispatch #42) has been reprinted in the textbook Writing the Critical Essay: Aids, edited by Lauri S. Friedman, Greenhaven Press
  • March 22, 2010: Alex Shoumatoff, the author and editor of the Dispatches, was recently interviewed by Canadian Geographic about the environment. Click here to read the article and click here for part 2.
  • March 15, 2010: Since our Call to Action went out 5 days ago, visits to DFVW have tripled, and the response has been global and phenomenal and very moving.  So this is kind of like a chain letter for a good cause: please keep it going and especially send it to a core group of 20 friends who you know believe in it and will act.  We've created a new section above called Ecowarriors: Building the Movement.  You may also join our Facebook group which keeps tabs on this program.
  • March, 2010: Dispatch #55: Sometimes You Gotta Buck The Tide: A Call to Action To All Who Care About the WorldClick here (Adobe PDF)
  • March, 2010: Dispatch #56: Notes on the Dialect and Culture of the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.  A 100-page treatise that Shoumatoff has been working on for 30 years. Click here (Adobe PDF) 
  • December, 2009: The Dispatches has started a new section, Fiction.
  • July, 2009: Dispatch #54: In Search of the Source of AIDS in Africa.  With swine flu spreading around the world, and mankind bracing for the second wave in the fall, here is a 1988 Vanity Fair piece about another virus and its devastating effects and the race to understand and contain it.  Click here to read the Dispatch (Adobe PDF)
  • June 1, 2009: "The Scramble for the Arctic" has been reprinted as a chapter in Adaptation and Climate Change, ed. Sarah Flint Erdreich, Greenhaven Press.
  • The Dispatches has started a new section, Nature Art.
    • The May issue of Vanity Fair, now on the stands, and have an article by Shoumatoff/Suitcase called "Bohemian Tragedy,"which recounts how he was arrested in the Bohemian Grove while trying to help an old college buddy stop the cutting of its magnificent redwoods.
    • Suitcase on the Loose, Alex Shoumatoff's long-await debut album, has been posted on the site in its entirety on Dispatches.  Click here to listen to it. It is also available for puchase/download at Itunes Amazon, emusic, and other digital jukeboxes.  You can also hear two of its ten songs, "Too Too Much," a green song, and "Pennsylvania Turnpike Blues" with a slideshow of Shoumatoff's old postcards, on  The latter was aired on National Public Radio's weekend edition the Sunday morning before the Pennsylvania primary for the 2008 Presidential Election.
    • 'How can I become part of this effort?'  Click here to see the June, 2007 report and here to read a lecture Alex recently gave at the McGill school of business.
    • March, 2008: The Dispatches are now host to some astounding performances of traditional gypsy music from Rajasthan. Take a listen to them here.
    • February, 2008: We've just heard from Marylise Lefèvre, one of our far flung interns, who is volunteering at a chimp sanctuary in Cameroun. In the summer she will resume her study of the movements of returning salmon in eastern Quebec. Here is a photo of her with three chimps, orphaned by poachers, that she is taking care of.
    • February, 2008: Bob Dylan airs an old blues song about the death of FDR and Shoumatoff's grandmother, Elizabeth Shoumatoff, and talks about her afterwards on his radio show. Click here to listen to the broadcast and here to read about Alex's grandmother.
    • Fantastic news! The Shoumatoff's hairstreak lives! The following e-mail was received in February 2008.  Click here
    • January, 2008: Dispatch #38 was re-printed by Vanity Fair in a booklet called "A Guide to Green Living" and in an anthology for English 101, the college composition course, called The Reader, edited by Judy Sieg
      January, 2008: Dispatch #41 has been submitted by Walrus Magazine for two Canadian National Magazine Awards.

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