#14: A Speech Given for Adirondack Voices For Peace at the John Brown Homestead, North Elba, New York, on August 16, 2003

I am now [having sung and strummed a few peace songs with my three little boys] going to give a brief speech that is probably going to get me audited and sent to Guantanamo, but here goes :
      The John Brown Homestead seems a somewhat strange venue for a peace rally, considering that Brown’s approach …Read More

#10: A Report for the J.M.Kaplan Fund on the Transborder Effort to Create Marine Protected Areas in the Gulf of Maine

1. The Ocean As The Last Frontier of Planetary Stewardship
        In l997 I wrote a proposal for a long magazine piece about the state of the world’s oceans, part of a series on the state of the environment at the turn of the millennium, that never happened.    “I will first head for the pool …Read More