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I want to thank from the bottom of my heart my two fantastic kiwi interns, Brook Thorpe and Lintott. Brook finished his last semester at McGill in December and is back home. He is responsible for the design and launching of PostcardsFromFlorida., our green turtle logo, the portrait of me in my office, and countless other contributions to DVW. If I could pay him he would be running Last Look Books and he will still be involved in our brave new publishing house and in DVW from afar, as will Jonathan Lintott, our technie, who was here for a semester as an exchange student from the University of Auckland and made many important improvement in DVW’s appearance and navigability, starting with the new title page. Not only have Brook and Jonathon been superb interns, they are really great guys. It has been a pleasure to know and work with them, and I will miss them a lot, but such are the miracles of digital technology like Skype that our collaboration happily is not over, and I will follow the progress of their lives, which I’m sure are going to be great ones. The world needs people like you boys, you’re the greatest !

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