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Mornin musiclovers. It’s been a while since I recorded a morningraga, not that I haven’t been playing. I’ve just been real busy at my day job. I have a bunch of great tunes that maybe now I can lay on ya. Here is an exquisite early Ray Charles tune, so early that he sounds more like Nat King Cole than the instantly recognizable, more lacerated voice, which he hasn’t found yet, so the recording is probably from the early fifties. You can find it on Itunes I think.  It’s from an album called La Grande Storia del Rock 5, Ray Charles The Coasters. On the cover it’s called “All By Myself Alone,” but Ray sings”all to myself alone.” The album is from the vast and voluminous vinyl collection of my pal Bob Olivier, with whom I am putting together a live on-line cabaret show that will have lots of music– each show will feature a virtuoso from one of Montreal’s 200-plus ethnic groups, with whom we, the house band, including moi, the Suitcase, will also jam, and hopefully make further strides in our pursuit of the elusive universal language of music. There will also be amusing skits and commentary on breaking stories and topical issues  like the Bob’s faux report for CTV on the Office De La Langue Officielle’s new push to enforce an obscure clause requiring all dogs in the province to be trained in French, which you will find on Even though it was aired, back in the nineties, on April 1, it pulled the wool over thousands of listeners, who besieged the station with calls. The Anglophones said, “This is too much ! They’ve gone too far !” The Francophones said, “I heard my neighbor say ‘good dog.’ Do you want his name and address ?”

The first broadcast could be as soon as next month. Stay tuned.

Here’s alltoomyselfalonemr13

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