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the one that took a deep surgical triangular chunk out of my left middle finger when I was doing the vanity fair story about the dehydration of the amazon was definitely not a vegetarian. and I was not bleeding or menstruating, nor were my toenails painted red. Most piranha attacks on people happen when they are one of the three, and usually you can go for a swim and the piranhas don’t bother you. But not always !  It was really hot, and I eased into this shallow lake, and bam ! it started with other piranhas nipping at my feet, which lots of fish do, but the nips were sharper than usual. Then one took the chunk out of my finger, and I raised it out of the water and it was bleeding profusely. You shoulda seen me tear out of the lake. I probably broke the hundred-yard dash. A vegetarian piranha ! will wonders never cease ? the other species should take a page from his book. Just as we humans should follow the example of our vegetarians and stop eating meat. The production of red meat is destroying rainforest and lots of other habitat, there is no need to eat beef, and it isn’t even good for you.


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